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Importance of colour on your website.

🔴 Importance of colour choosing when building your website! 🟠 A perfect selection of colours for your website can do wonders for your business and online success. You can utilise colours to stimulate your customers emotions and make an impact on your audience. 🟡 Start by understanding colours – you wouldn’t use bold reds and […]

Covid-19 Offer: 1 page website for £59.99

Norwich Web Designs wants to help small independent businesses through these uncertain, tough times. For a limited time only we are offering businesses the chance to have a bespoke 1 page landing page website for the small fee of £59.99! This includes a free domain and also 12 months of web hosting. Optimise your […]

Coronavirus could hurt iPhone supplies

The technology giant Apple recently announced their sales and production have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak and that further ‘iPhone supply would be temporarily constrained’. Making them the first major US company to say that this epidemic will cause its finances to take a hit. With most of their Chinese based stored either being […]

Samsung Galaxy S20 Announced

The big news this week in the smartphone would has been the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20 line. One of the key selling points is the ability to record 8K video, making it the first smartphones to record at this resolution! Each minute of 8K video takes around 500MB of storage. For a […]

Why having a fast website is important in 2020

When visiting a website, how long would you wait for it to load? On average, more than 50% of people will chose to leave a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Going by this alone, if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load you are potentially losing half of your […]

Why your website should be responsive

On August 6th 1991, the very first website went live on the internet, It was a website dedicated to information on the World Wide Web project which was developed by Tim Berners-Lee. In 1991, it was not possible to view websites on anything but a computer. In 2019, websites are accessible through an array of […]

UK Private jet comes within 10ft of hitting drone in mid-air

A Bombardier Global 6000 private jet aircraft wad flying into Luton Airport when it almost hit a drone at around 4,000ft, The jet’s pilot reported spotting the device which was “black and appeared to have some sort of light source at the front”. “The size was difficult to judge at the time but the best […]

Hacker Speaks to young girl through Smart camera

A video of a hacker talking to a young girl through her family’s Ring camera has been recently shared on social media platforms. The camera was accessed by the hacker in the bedroom of three young girls and was heard when it started playing the song “Tiptoe through the tulips”. The young girl asks “Who’s […]

Whatsapp Device Ban Confirmed 2019

Whatsapp has been warning its users for a little while now that they will face a block at the end of 2019. Whatsapp has recently confirmed on its support page the Windows Phone users will lose all access to the messaging application from December 31 2019, But that’s not all! The deadline provisioned for the […]

Apple iPhone 11 Pro ‘location settings override’

Apple’s latest flagship phone, the iPhone 11 Pro tracks its user’s locations despite when they have set it not to do so a security researcher has uncovered. Brian Krebs found that the iPhone 11 Pro collects its users position even if location sharing has been disabled for every single app. He did however discover that […]

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