Apple’s latest flagship phone, the iPhone 11 Pro tracks its user’s locations despite when they have set it not to do so a security researcher has uncovered.

Brian Krebs found that the iPhone 11 Pro collects its users position even if location sharing has been disabled for every single app. He did however discover that the user can avoid this if the entire system is set to never share location.

Apple responded to this saying that it was ‘expected behavior” of the device and denied that it is a security issue.The company has always made a big deal of the fact that users have granular control over sharing their location. For example, they could have location switched on for maps but disabled for Facebook or Instagram.

Mr Krebs contacted Apple to report the issue, sharing a video which confirmed the location service setting was set to on despite every app and system service being set to “never request this information”. An Apple engineer replied “We do not see any actual security implications. It is expected behaviour that the locations services icon appears in the status bar when location services is enabled”