🔴 Importance of colour choosing when building your website!

🟠 A perfect selection of colours for your website can do wonders for your business and online success. You can utilise colours to stimulate your customers emotions and make an impact on your audience.

🟡 Start by understanding colours – you wouldn’t use bold reds and yellows on a calming spa website similarly you wouldn’t use blacks and greys to advertise a child’s toy.


🟢 Branding – does your business already have colours in its logo or that are often used ? These can be transferred on to your website for consistency.

🔵 Your audience – who are you aiming your product at and what are you selling? It is bright delicious foods from all around the world or is it a building company?

🟣 Balance – Don’t have too many colours as this can be over powering, pick colours that compliment each other as well as your brand and company.

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